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Born to Rise Foundation (BTR) is a non-for-profit organization founded by Aiesha Robinson. The mission of BTR is to empower people living with fear, grief, doubt, and shame to provide them with hope and confidence to continue on living a meaningful and purposeful life.



At BTR, we use storytelling to build communities that revolve around personal healing and development of the masses, focusing on areas of adversity, black excellence, and grief. We aim to take ‘The Born To Rise Show’ on tour across North America. 


The vision of BTR is to create a community hub centre that hosts events with focus on personal healing and development. Born to Rise is the head pillar for community building through self-expression. We use storytelling as a form to promote personal development and healing.

Since the Foundation's inception in 2015, annual events are hosted where speakers are invited to share their life experiences as well as obstacles and how they’ve overcome with the audience.

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